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3 Excellent Ways To Get Your Point Across During Your Next Presentation

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You can use colorful images, iconic symbols or an instrumental track to accompany your business presentations, but you might not get the type of feedback you initially sought. Capturing the attention of an audience is not easy, and the more time that you spend before them making your point and attempting to keep them engaged, the more your confidence level may fall. Whether you are working to capture leads, inform your staff or simply want to get your audience to start paying more attention, you have to learn how to change up your strategy to get improved results. Use these three unique approaches during your next presentation and your audience will start paying closer attention to what you have to say.

1. Physically Include Yourself In Your Visual Presentations - You might be making your presentation in a room with the lights dimmed or standing beside an enormous projector screen, but that isn't any reason for you to minimize your level of physical participation. You can use a Prezi presentation to make dramatic points by walking across the stage as the text on the screen changes to focus on something that you want your audience to really soak in. Use a laser pointer to draw your audience's eye to certain words or change your tone of voice to emphasize your level of excitement.

2. Avoid Using Traditional Slideshows - As soon as you put on a slideshow, you are going to have people that make assumptions about what it is that you have to present. While a lot of useful information can be contained in a slideshow presentation, the fact is that this method has been used for years and there are many other creative options that help to stimulate audiences mentally. A Prezi presentation normally contains much more visual action than traditional slideshows, and you can make text easier for your viewers to see by zooming in and out, or scrolling back to points that you might've made earlier. 

3. Put The Spotlight On Your Audience - In general, audience participants don't always feel the need to engage during presentations because they believe that they are just one in a crowd of many. You can easily pause your Prezi presentation and individual members of your audience specific questions that cause them to really think about whatever it is that they plan to say. Other audience members will immediately perk up as they will become aware of the fact that they could also be singled out in the future. The point of engaging with your audience directly isn't to make them feel pressured or nervous, but invigorated and eager to express their thoughts and opinions.

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